HFG Karlsruhe Workshop Dokumentation

Workshop mit Studenten des ReAct Seminars bei Chris Kabel (Produktdesign) der HfG Karlsruhe.
25.05.21, von 10:00 bis 13:00 (Zoom).

Ziel des Workshops ist die Scheu vor Fehlschlägen zu nehmen und einen Ausgangspunkt für die weitere Materialrecherche zu schaffen. Der enge Zeitrahmen zwingt zu schnellen Entscheidungen und pragmatischem Handeln.

Emanuel Spiecker

This model shows a simplified principle, which is also found in most toilets. When water is slowly filled, the water level slowly rises. This could be used for the seat height of a chair. As soon as the water level reaches a certain height, the tank „flushes“ everything out and the water level, i.e. the seat height, drops enormously. A pump could slowly fill the flushed out water back into the tank and the rythm „slowly up and fast down“ starts again.

john_Damned table

This table will deconstruct if you happen to drink alcohol on it. Time ran out when I was starting to build this. Consists of a wooden surface, a wooden trestle and a rope to deconstruct.

john_Isolation wall

These retractable walls separate angry and annoyed customers from the rest of the world. Thereby blocking noise, smell and visual imput.

john_throw-you-off bench

This bench reacts to noise levels. If the maximum noise level is exceeded it will try to throw you off.

Lukas Clark_extruder

I made a simple extruder out of an aluminum rod and a steel tube.
I could fill this with plastic, heat it in my oven and then extrude plastic out of it.

Lukas Clark_oven

I made a simple box out of steel and stone and wanted to heat it with a battery and a resistance wire.
The wire did not get hot enough, so I used a blowtorch.

Lukas Clark_plastic modelling tools

I made simple tools that allowed me to manipulate the plastic extrusion after it comes out of the extruder. That way I can give an extrusion a shape and turn it into an object.


A combination of fake fur and leather to emulate real fur. It’s Real Fake Fur!


A experiment on trying to quickly fabricate an object out of leather scraps. In this case a small pouch formed after connecting two scraps of leather.


This is a piece of fabric, created out of random scrap pieces. The technique used, is inspired by fur sewing.