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Emanuel Spiecker

This model shows a simplified principle, which is also found in most toilets. When water is slowly filled, the water level slowly rises. This could be used for the seat height of a chair. As soon as the water level reaches a certain height, the tank „flushes“ everything out and the water level, i.e. the seat height, drops enormously. A pump could slowly fill the flushed out water back into the tank and the rythm „slowly up and fast down“ starts again.

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Lukas Clark_extruder

I made a simple extruder out of an aluminum rod and a steel tube.
I could fill this with plastic, heat it in my oven and then extrude plastic out of it.

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Lukas Clark_oven

I made a simple box out of steel and stone and wanted to heat it with a battery and a resistance wire.
The wire did not get hot enough, so I used a blowtorch.

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